Sensory Play

Here at The Ark we just love exploring.  So we make sure the children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities.  A particular  favourite of all the children is engaging in sensory play.  All age groups enjoy messy play with shaving foam and can spend lots of time enjoying texture.  As always loose parts are an integral part of our daily activities and our Butterflies children loved our invitation to play with farm animals.  Baking is another activity that all age groups can participate in and there are many learning opportunities that take place at these times, such as: Social and Emotional, Scientific Learning and Mathematical concepts, Independence skills, Physical development, Language development and Hygiene skills.

Art and crafts are always exciting and our pre –  schoolers look very keen to see what exciting craft resources were available to create our Easter bunnies.

We recently asked parents to donate wool, magazines and newspapers which we were then bringing to our friends at Sandringham Nursing Home.  As a result of the pandemic the residents are unable to have visitors and are often confined to their rooms.  As always The Ark parents were eager to contribute and the residents were absolutely delighted with our donation.  We have also been able to obtain more wool and have collected some money which will be used to buy any items requested by their activities co-ordinator.  We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for their contribution.