Messy Play

You’re never too old for a bit of messy play and our Afterschool children love to get their hands dirty.  This type of play encourages learning on many different levels such as: sensory experiences, social aspects, creativity, scientific learning and language development.

Themed Arts & Crafts

As part of our Fairy Tales and Superheros theme the room focused on the children’s favourites, according their age and stage of development.  Our children in the younger rooms made quite the mess making Gruffalo Crumble, whilst our older children loved learning about Beauty and the Beast.

Chinese New Year

We have had a brilliant time celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Ark.  Our cook kindly prepared a banquette of Chinese foods for our children and these was not a lot left over.  We also made some Chinese themed art such as dragons and lanterns.  The Afterschool children were really working on their fine motor skills when trying to use chopsticks and showed great perseverance.


The children in the Rising 5’s and Zone rooms enjoy going on outings to local parks and always find something new to explore.  The older children really enjoyed learning about how shadows happen and were keen to research this further when they returned to The Ark.  Our pre-school children love trying out new skills at the park and are not afraid to take risks and challenge themselves.

Valentines Day

Love was in the air at The Ark for Valentines Day.  We held a Valentines bake off throughout the nursery and whilst the children had lots of fun with the cookery process, the staff had even more fun tasting the end results.  As a means of progressing the children’s play and and learning we incorporated Valentines activities into our art and messy play areas.

Loose Parts

As always our children continue to use their imagination with our outdoor loose parts.  We are always intrigued to see what they will do next.