We have had so much fun outside this month.  The snow was a great surprise and the children relished playing outside all day, of course they needed lots of hot chocolate to keep them warm.  We have ventured to some local parks and really enjoyed exploring the area.  Our Pre-school children have been learning about birds and how it is harder for them to find food in the Winter.  This led to the children making a range of bird feeders, which are located in our gardens and have also been brought home so that the children can watch the birds feeding at home.

Children thrive on experiencing different textures and we provide experiences where sand, water, paint, loose parts and much more are readily available.  It is wonderful to watch children engage in these activities and seeing what their imagination will create.

Linking Generations

We recently received funding from ‘All Ages April’ to complete a gardening project in conjunction with Sandringham Nursing Home.  Unfortunately the Covid restrictions meant that we were unable to visit the residents.  However, we involved our Pre-school and Afterschool children in planting a range of window boxes and planters, which were then delivered to Sandringham for the residents to enjoy.