Outdoor & Gardening fun

We love being outdoors whatever the weather.  We wrap up warm and get lots of fresh air.  Our afterschool children take great pride in their vegetable patch and were delighted to harvest their radishes.  We are also growing onions and carrots and look forward to tasting our delicious produce.


Arts, Crafts & Messy play

The Children always love arts & crafts and have had so much fun getting ready for Christmas.  We will be sending some lovely decorations home for your trees.  As always, our little ones just love getting messy and our Caterpillars room had a brilliant time during shaving foam play.


Cooking & Exploring

Activities that encourage children to explore promote development in all areas.  These include sensory experiences, problem solving, scientific learning and learning about the world.  All of our activities promote each child’s social skills, helping to develop self care and empathy for others.  This learning was really evident when we observed our one year olds taking care of their baby dolls.