Yoga zone

The Afterschool have recently introduced regular yoga sessions with the children. The children are very enthusiastic about this new subject and are keen to learn new poses and really enjoy the breathing exercises. We hope to filter these sessions to all other rooms in the nursery and help build mindfulness practice within our nursery.


Fairytales and Superheroes

We have been looking at fairytales and superheroes recently and learning about all our own superpowers. As part of being heroes and in recognition of child mental health week we held a book sale in aid of PIPS charity and have raised almost £200 for this worthwhile charity. We made some interesting superhero masks. Eden also produced a fantastic fairytale castle as a central feature of The Zones window display. We also had lots of fun creating and eating edible ‘Incredible Hulks’ and of course we can’t be superheroes without a little bit of dressing up.


Love Is In The Air

We had lots of lovely treats in The Ark this month. The children decided that we should have a Valentines Bake Off and what fun we had! The delicious treats on offer included shortbread, strawberry cheesecake, Rocky roads, Rolo cake, chocolate cake and sponge cake. Our Caterpillars room won best presentation, Rising 5’s won best effort and The Zones delicious strawberry cheesecake came top of the taste table. Well done to all of you.


Arts and crafts

The children love getting creative throughout the day and will spend a lot of time planning their projects, collecting their resources and then settle down to create their masterpieces. Here are just a few pictures of what we’ve been getting up to.


Linking generations

We have recently made links with Sandringham Nursing home and commenced intergenerational work with the residents. The Rising 5’s children will be visiting once a month to complete fun activities with their new friends. Research has proven that there are a number of benefits to various ages playing and learning together. Benefits include supporting others, having the opportunity to meet new people, learning respect for all ages, improving confidence and enhancing social skills. During our first visit we made and decorated some delicious pancakes, listened to Easter stories, sang action songs and danced. We can’t wait for our next visit!


Our preschool children recently submitted applications to the ‘My First Poem’ programme. All of our poems have been selected for publication in their forthcoming book. The children have all received certificates, stickers and bookmarks in recognition of their efforts.