The baby rooms are situated on the first floor and cater for children aged 6 – 18 months. Children start their journey at The Ark in Baby Bugs. This room has been specially designed to help your baby settle at nursery and ensure that they are safe and comfortable will lots of soft play and sensory activities. Activities are carefully planned to suit the age and development stage of each child. We provide a relaxed and stimulating environment with lots of toys and a special sensory area to keep those inquisitive minds and hands busy!

When your child is 1 and starting to get on their feet, they will move to our Caterpillar room where a whole new experience awaits them. As they progress they’ll enjoy more creative and group-orientated activities, learning social interaction through play and meal times, but everything will be done at your child’s pace.

We have a separate quiet sleep area where children can rest and we’ll be guided by you about your routine and your child’s needs.

When the weather permits our Baby Bugs can play in their own special space in the garden. Large grassy and shaded areas provide the perfect safe place for our bugs to enjoy the garden under the watchful eye of our staff and we have a large range of outdoor toys for all age groups.

Parents will be given a record at the end of each day with information about their child’s day, sleep times, meals etc. We’ll work closely with you through the weaning stage to introduce a varied diet according to your routines and preferences.

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